A downloadable scam for Windows

The backstory of this game

This might not be interesting, but this section is just about how this game came to be. So basically I was at school the other day and I was talking with my friends about how I had a basic snake game programmed but I wanted ideas to make it stand out. So one of my friends was like "Hey why don't you base it on the scammers that you prank call" so when I went home I spent a few hours adding scammer related things.. Then it stopped working. I could not fix it, so I had to rewrite all of the code and set everything back up. One day later I had this game ready.


About Me & The Game

There is not really much to say about me. I am more or less just your ordinary kid. Well if you consider a kid trying to get into Game Development as ordinary. As for the game, it's really just your ordinary snake game but skinned to be scammer based with some scammer audio in it. I will probably (definitely) add more features to the game in the future such as a leaderboard and maybe even a multiplayer that would somewhat represent tetris in two player mode. The game is very basic so you should not expect too much if you download it.

Install instructions

To install this game all you need to do is follow these simple steps


  1. Download WinRAR or any other software that can open .rar files
  2. Extract the .rar file you downloaded from this page (so itch) into a folder where the game will be
  3. Run the executable.
  4. Set your resolution if it is not correct. Be aware that smaller resolutions will not work as far as I know
  5. Click play and you're set


ScamSnake.rar 13 MB

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